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 All further and future updates are now posted on Discord visit our discord here : rules (discord.com)

Update: 25/04/21:

Discord Invitation Fix

Discord has now been fixed as the invitation had expired, but is now working as unlimited time.

Click the "Connect to Discord" Button on the right hand side of the home page to connect.

Update 25/04/21:

Highscores Leaderboard is here!

The Highscores is now available!, what are you waiting for? #Race for Rank #1!

We are also doing a Account Reset to those who already have joined us to make this fair for all players.


Introducing Trading sticks, Loyalty Points System

Players will now receive Trading sticks and Loyalty Points for every 15 minutes of gameplay.

  • Trading Sticks will be sent to the players Bank
  • Players will receive x25 Trading sticks every 15 minutes
  • Donators will receive x50 every 15 minutes
  • Extreme will receive x75 every 15 minutes
  • Trading sticks are stackable and have a value of 2,000GP Each
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Loyalty Points will be instantly added to there account
  • Players will get 250 loyalty points every 15 minutes
  • Donators will get 500 loyalty points every 15 minutes
  • Extreme will get 750 loyalty points every 15 minutes


GrandExchange fully Functional, Auto-Adjust System.

The GrandExchange is now fully running with a auto-adjusting price system which will work out the average price of the item is being sold for, this is a very accurate system and NoblePK's system is ONE of the best Grand Exchange systems out there!

Selling items on the Grand Exchange:
Items from skilling such as All Ore's from Mining and All Raw Fish from Fishing, All Logs from Woodcutting, All Bars from Smelting will automatically sell at the Guide Price which our system has set which is the Value of that item.

Buying items on the Grand Exchange:

Buying items will be harder to come by as you can only buy them if another player is selling that item for the same or less price you entered.. (The same as Real Rs)

Players that CANNOT use Grand Exchange:

IronMan players cannot use the Grand Exchange due to Ironman status.

Players that CAN use Grand Exchange:

All other players can use the Grand Exchange, Donators will get all 6 Slots for Buy/Sell while

normal players will only get 3 slots,

Administrators will be able to buy/sell on the Grand Exchange but can't buy/sell in stores,trade or even drop items due to the protection of the Eco, All sales are logged the same as Trades, Drops, Kills and chats.

Happy Trading!

Owner - Lynx ~

Update: 07/08/2020:
The Next 5 Players to join NoblePK Starter Pack!

Here at NoblePK we are now offering a limited time starter pack for the NEXT 5 players to join the server this starter pack includes: A "H'ween mask the colour of your choice worth between 76M-116M and 10M GP.

Join today and claim your starter pack before its too late!

Players must speak with "Lynx" to claim their prize.

Starter Packs remaining: 0

Offer now Expired.

Update: 07/07/2020:

Player Moderator/Administrator Position Offers!

Players that now have 0 Blackmarks towards there account might just see this Interface in-game, If you are the lucky player to have a Mod or Admin position offer this is what you will see on your screen.

                                                                                                            Players now have the option to                                                                                                               accept the offer by typing                                                                                                                         ::acceptmod or ::acceptadmin                                                                                                                  but  players will only get 1 Hour                                                                                                              before the offer will expire..                                                                                                                      so  keep your eyes peeled and                                                                                                                 keep them blackmarks at 0!

Update: 28/06/2020:

Runite Dragons are here!

Players across NoblePK can now kill Runite dragons (Combat level: 340) which are located at the top of the icy cliffs located in the west of the wilderness.

Players can type "::runedragons" for a Quick teleport to them, drops are very good including: Rune Armour, Rune Bars, Cash Drops and Easier chance for a Draconic  Visage!

Update: 11/06/2020:


You can now purchase the Uncut Lapis Lazuli from the Crafting Shop at home or Skilling area!

The Lapis Lazuli requires a Crafting level of 92 and gives 15k experience per gem!, and not to mention the profits!

Update: 11/06/2020:

INTRODUCING Dragon Smithing!

You can now Smith Dragon Weapons with using Dragonbane which you can obtain mining (Donators)

Just another great reason to Donate to NoblePK, huge profits from Smithing and takes the "boring" out of the skill!

Use Dragonbane Bars to smith:

Daggers, Scimitars, Maces, Longswords and Battleaxe's


Update: 10/05/2020:


Yes!, thats right.. fullscreen is now playable on the lowest of graphics,

making skilling and playing NoblePk much more fun!

We would also like to introduce Old item looks which is now available for players,

that prefer a 317 look to there items rather than the RS3 look,

For more details log in to NoblePK's Webclient today!

Posted by: Mod Lynx

To view this picture more clear please visit Photo Gallery.


Update: 06/05/2020:

Dragonkin Key and Crystal Key Update!.                                                  

We have successfully coded the Dragonkin Key to work,
in our server, to obtain the key you will have to obtain two,
parts to the key through drops among our High level Npcs in-game,
The Parts are worth 31M Each and the key itself is 63M.
These Parts are on the ULTRA Rare drop table so good luck getting them!,
Once you create the DragonKin Key you will be able to open diango's chest,
which will give you Automatic "Extreme Donator" status and a Dragon Platebody,
also 50M Coins to spend at your leisure.

The Crystal Key can also only be obtained by combining the two parts,
The Crystal Key on the other hand has a lot more Value the components,
are 700M per part with the key itself at 1.4B The reason being for this is because,
you receive automatic "Standard Donator" status with 50m coins and last but not least,
a Random RARE item such as: Christmas cracker, Partyhats and a Santa Hat.

Also once a player makes one of these Extremely Rare Keys,
There will be an Announcement across NoblePK for everyone to see!

Check out our Photo Gallery for more pictures on this update.
Posted by: Mod Lynx

Our Story back in 2011

We've loved every minute of our journey and so did others!

NoblePK has now been remastered in a V718 with a new owner.. Lynx

Full Screen With Highest Of Graphics,
And now Full Screen With Lowest Graphics! - NEW!

Edgeville also "Home"

Resizable Screen with High Graphics

Realistic drops from Npc's 
Very friendly ECO with Auto-Adjusting GE Price system.

NoblePK © 2021

NoblePK is not affiliated with Jagex LTD.
NoblePK exists solely for Educational Purposes.

NoblePK is a NON-PROFIT Organisation and does not take money or donations from players in real life.

Donator Status is "Earned" by Voting and Playtime.

If you wish to play Runescape then go to

Welcome to NoblePK 718 RSPS.

Why choose NoblePK?

~Great Bossing 

King Black Dragon, Queen Black Dragon , Party Demon, Godwars and Loads more including Custom Made Bosses


 All 24 Skills work including Dungeoneering! with Good Rates of XP! Added a Few Custom Tree's for Woodcutting.

~Amazing PVP System!

~with the Home Location at Edgeville PK at its best!

with a Ton of Items all the way up to Drygore!